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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finally! My robe!

Okay, there are going to be a lot of pictures but bare with me guys XD

First off, I finally got my pvp robe. I am very happy.

Special thanks to the following people: Blaze MoonMender, Ellie MythMender, Miguel LifeBreaker/Miguel DeathBreaker, Michael HawkWalker, BrandonLegendBright, Evan GriffinHead/Evan, Nathaniel EarthWeaver, Alexander RubyFlame, Jack DeathStrider, Chris EmeradFinder, and Destiny FrostBlossom.

Whether you duel with me only one time or more than I can count, you contributed to the number of tickets I need for this robe. I'm sorry if I missed anybody. And also thanks to Blaze FireBlood, even if we don't duel together, you have been there to cheer my teammates and I on. Thank you!

Now, I forgot to mention this but a few days ago, I crafted the carousel. Look at it now! The second picture was taken when I was inside the carousel.

Speaking of crafting, Ashley WillowWhisper [fire] has finally reached adept crafter. I might work to Master Artisan whenever I get subscription again. Also, Ashley RoseTamer [myth] is only a few reagents away from becoming a Master Artisan. Just need a lot of blood moss XD

Last but not least, two bonus pictures! :D

Blaze's pet...

Gobbler on mushroom ^^

Also, Reed Petal [aka Atrocity on Central] wants me to mention him so there :P

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