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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Two Warlords :D

It's definitely starting to get more and more good everyday. Ellie finally made Warlord, and I'm just a bit close to be Overlord (1000+). I tried taking a picture earlier but our friend, Blaze MoonMender, had to get off unexpectedly so I will update this blog entry later with picture :D

Our team is Life (me), Ellie (storm), and Blaze (death). Apparently, some people really had problems with beguile. Personally, I see nothing wrong with it. They have their advantage of whoever they are dueling with. For example, if you have a myth - they can earthquake and stun, if you have a balance - they can buff up. Therefore, we have a death and beguile is one of the many things death can use, why is it that people consider us noobs then? One team even complained about infection!

Anyway, I am so so so so close on completing the final crafting quest. I probably spent around 30 minutes, stalking the bazaar for red madrakes. I was able to buy enough (more than 100) and spent somewhere around 3000+ gold. It was not that bad really, about three raven battles. [I would stop farming them if they would just drop the pet for me...]

I'm extremely happy at the moment because I'm finally done transmuting and got all 20 blood moss. Life is good. Now, I only need 6 more black pearls. Blaze and I will be turning the quest in together, probably by tomorrow? Can't wait! >.<

Last but not least, I was able to get on Test Realm today and hang around for fun. I decided to use the free crowns and stitch my clothes to ice gears... I am personally still looking for the "perfect" shoes but until then, I'm not going to reveal what I look like. Btw, KI lowered the pet price! :D I hatched satyr with orthrus but ended up with a myth tree walking thing... Oh well, maybe I will try again for a jade hound :D


Here's my friend Nick and I, flying on our awesome wings:

Night night everyone!

Sidenote: Jenna (aka Moonthorn) has finally reached Grandmaster! Please take the time to congratulate her on this awesome achievement!