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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Battle Lock or World Lock?

Originally posted by Dovey over at CENTRAL

This week's question is: "Should wizards be able to teleport into worlds that they haven't earned access to through the storyline? "

I did a poll on this question a while back but I was only talking about Celestia, not changing anything existing.

The results were 60% wanted to limit Celestia to only those who have earned it and 40% wanted it kept open to anyone who wanted to port.

I do find it interesting that they would bring up this topic themselves which means they are considering it.

My opinion is not to change access to existing worlds, but limit Celestia to those who have earned it. Since this subject first came up, anyone who hadn't finished DS could easily have finished it several times over by now.

I don't post on their boards due to security reasons and I think not everyone has access which is why I am posting it here. Now that we know they are considering this, here is the poll again with additional option.

Please keep responses to your own opinion and no blasting or name calling of people you don't happen to agree with. This is strictly to give them feedback from the community here on a subject they are apparently looking at. Thanks.

I see some members have mention this before, and strongly in my humble opinion, I favor Battle lock over World Lock. The reason for that is I have ported to my friends when I was a lower level and/or when I am on one of my lower level wizards before. My friend never mind my company, even if I am 20 levels below his wizard.

I don't see why there should be a world lock just because some players didn't take the time to ask others if they could join a battle. It was just the same with trading treasure cards. Players eventually abused the cards system so KI has to remove it. Now, the same thing is happening to freely porting to other worlds.

You have to see it in a lower level point of view. Everyone is eager to see new worlds. I know I was. If I pay for subscription, why can't I port to a new world? I find that extremely absurd and just wrong. Why is there a World Lock because of "bad" behaviors [aka not asking before entering] from others?

Doing a World Lock wouldn't solve much of anything except making others unhappy. What there should be is a battle block because then people can't join without asking first. Kind of like a bubble barrier. Like a member stated earlier, and I have witnessed this before hand, but sometimes, people don't listen to you even if you have told them numerous of times. The game is not wrong. It's the players. We can't correct everyone actions, but we can minimize the results. Starting off with a Battle Lock.

Friday, September 17, 2010

That sword is a beast!

Hello readers, Thank you for viewing my blog right now. Here, you are seeing a drawing that I drew. Note: I did mess up a few places and I admit that the wings look realyl weird :P Tell me what you think and hope you enjoy it [: I will probably color it this weekend :D

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Selena Gomez and Test Realm?!!

I wake up this morning,
my head feeling wizzy,
it's time for school ,
but I am still sleepy,
I made a decision.

I didn't eat breakfast,
but I did get some snacks,
rushed off to get dress,
I feel like I need a smack,
I made a decision.

As I sit on the bus,
I ate some string cheese,
All the while thinking,
I should go to sleep early,
I made a decision.

Now you ask, what does this poem have anything to do with Selena Gomez and Test Realm? Well, I thought it would be nice to make up a poem about my lack of sleep these days. Schools have been stressing me out a lot and with the load of homework I have, I am finding it hard to keep up with Wizard101. My sub is going to end this 16th and in a way, I am actually very happy.

I will not be playing the game a lot more, but I will be on central checking on the new updates and such. Now, if you have been hiding under a rock, Selena Gomez is the new Teen Icon. I am perfectly fine with it, but still thinking all of this is really strange... Maybe I will go more in-depth with a blog entry over the weekend so be on the lookout for that. And finally, something new is actually happening. The test realm is out, yay!

How is this a good thing? Well, it's a step in getting to know more about Celestia. Speaking of which, Olivia provided us with a short video featuring Selena talking about Wizard101. You can find that here. However, what I wanted to point out is this:

[Thank you to Jacob LightHeart for providing the pictures]

And in case you don't know what the first and second images are, I am assuming they are the new astral spells. And look, we are going to get that awesome shark mount!

Last but not least, check out this awesome contest, Wizard101 Motivational Poster, by Fiona WildBlood. I am a fan of motivational posters because most of them actually amuse me.

And the Ravens Run event is this Saturday, please don't forget!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The nice people of this game [:

I will start this blog entry off with a little short story of a match today.

I was dueling on my life wizard with my balance friend, Brandon. This isn't the usual 2v2 dueling combo that I would do but I tried it out anyway. When the match started, I found myself facing a life and myth. Note: Life and myth is a scary combination.

We got lucky and went first. The battle went on for I think about 45 minutes. It was very fun and challenging. I didn't think we would won but I guess it's nice having 35% resist and weaknesses lol ^^ Afterward, the people just wish us good luck in the game and hope to see us around, which was very nice of them.

The reason I'm talking about this because lately, people would not even bother to say "gg" and just yell stuff out like:
You win because you go first!
How cheap, you use life dispel and you're not even life
We could have won, wish I didn't lost connection
People, I would like to remind you that this is a game. When you're in a duel, half of your chances of winning depends on your luck and how much your deck love you. I know very well that if those myth and life go first, we would have been dead. But guess what, it's not fair all the time. Just accept a loss because this has happened to us all before. Just because you get disconnected, that doesn't mean we havent. It's all normal, no need to get so upset and call others noobs...

Anyway, staying back on my happy mood, I am on a winning streak so far. Only lost two duels because my connection went wacky. Congrats to Destiny FrostBlossom on getting your robe and boots! And I am working on my fire so that she can duel. Just finish yarbirds quest so I am going to learn infection soon.

Speaking of which, I traded my ice sword over to her. Plus, with the help of my good friend Michael, his sister Bailey, and a central member, I got my briskbreeze ring right on first try. Here's Ashley WillowWhisper!

Last but not least, two fun pictures:

Originally a ninja pig gathering but then a treant gathering instead >.<

Woot, go gobblers :D