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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Battle Lock or World Lock?

Originally posted by Dovey over at CENTRAL

This week's question is: "Should wizards be able to teleport into worlds that they haven't earned access to through the storyline? "

I did a poll on this question a while back but I was only talking about Celestia, not changing anything existing.

The results were 60% wanted to limit Celestia to only those who have earned it and 40% wanted it kept open to anyone who wanted to port.

I do find it interesting that they would bring up this topic themselves which means they are considering it.

My opinion is not to change access to existing worlds, but limit Celestia to those who have earned it. Since this subject first came up, anyone who hadn't finished DS could easily have finished it several times over by now.

I don't post on their boards due to security reasons and I think not everyone has access which is why I am posting it here. Now that we know they are considering this, here is the poll again with additional option.

Please keep responses to your own opinion and no blasting or name calling of people you don't happen to agree with. This is strictly to give them feedback from the community here on a subject they are apparently looking at. Thanks.

I see some members have mention this before, and strongly in my humble opinion, I favor Battle lock over World Lock. The reason for that is I have ported to my friends when I was a lower level and/or when I am on one of my lower level wizards before. My friend never mind my company, even if I am 20 levels below his wizard.

I don't see why there should be a world lock just because some players didn't take the time to ask others if they could join a battle. It was just the same with trading treasure cards. Players eventually abused the cards system so KI has to remove it. Now, the same thing is happening to freely porting to other worlds.

You have to see it in a lower level point of view. Everyone is eager to see new worlds. I know I was. If I pay for subscription, why can't I port to a new world? I find that extremely absurd and just wrong. Why is there a World Lock because of "bad" behaviors [aka not asking before entering] from others?

Doing a World Lock wouldn't solve much of anything except making others unhappy. What there should be is a battle block because then people can't join without asking first. Kind of like a bubble barrier. Like a member stated earlier, and I have witnessed this before hand, but sometimes, people don't listen to you even if you have told them numerous of times. The game is not wrong. It's the players. We can't correct everyone actions, but we can minimize the results. Starting off with a Battle Lock.

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  1. Yes I have that exact same philosophy. I remember when I had my first wizard and ported to a friend and was completely in awe because I was still on mb and I was bored and stuck. It was really cool to see a new world before I got there and motivated me to get there faster. In ms though I ported to the same friend yet he was on ds. I got put in an unexpected battle when I was not ready for those monsters yet. My friend was also not happy because I didn't provide much help for him, he did enjoy the visit though. To say the least I am in favor of Battle Lock and not World Lock