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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Evaluation on the new 58 spells

I'm pretty sure most of you are excited for the new spells as much as I am.
However, that doesn't mean I am happy with all of the new spells. With that being said, I will share my opinions on the spells, and what I think KI should change.


Changes: None

This is a one attack spell. At first, I thought it was an AoE. I was going "OMG" all over the place because imagine that spell as an AoE... *shudders at the thought* Then after I look at it for the second time, I realize it only attacks one enemy. This spell is the highest damage spell in the game as of right now. What makes this a very nice attack for storm students is that it will remove 2 positives. Wouldn't it be nice to see a spell in which your opponent remove 2 of your negatives instead? XD


Changes: None

I was a bit upset to see that -90% there because I would think that these kind of minuses should only be for the balance school but then again, everyone can heal so then I just decided not to complain. It's not a bad spell. Does a bit more damage than regular helephant but it also give that -90% so that balances out. I don't know if I will use this spell a lot though but it should be a nice addition when fire students need to duel against balance wizards and their awesome judgement spells. Go stacking!


Changes: Change to one attack. Damage would be 760.

The animation is cool. The spell itself is cool. But is the card cool? No. In my opinion, I think this will be a useless spell for ice wizards. They do not need another DoT spell. This is just my opinion however, others might like it but I personally dont. It's a good spell in PvE but it will probably not be that great in PvP. I know I wouldn't use it that much because I would much rather use Frostbite and attack next with collosus...

Edit: After being told that this spell is also an Aoe, I'm rethinking on how good it is. It seems cool at the moment but who know. XD


Changes: Make it a one hit spell? [reduced damage] or with health returning?

The same also applies to death. Even though Skeletal Dragon is the second highest damage spell in the game, it is not something that I think is efficient to death. As my friend said to me, he would much rather use poison and attack with wraith and get health back rather than a DoT spell that would waste 8 of his pips with no health returning.


Changes: one stun only...

That woman looks scary. I am happy about this spell though. It's a one attack spell! The last time that myth has received a one attack spell is a cyclops! And when was the last time that my sister use cyclops? About two years ago! My sister seemed pretty happy about this spell so I don't see the changes for it. However, I am bothered by being stun for 2 rounds. I can imagine already. Myth wizards attack on life. The wizard can't heal in 2 rounds and trust me, two rounds can make a big difference whether or not that life wizard will survive.


Changes: None

I am so happy about this spell. I was expecting something different but this is like a dream come true. The damage is a bit low for an 8 pips spell. Since Storm lord cost 7 pips but does much more damage but that's storm for you. Then again, I shouldn't complain, this is more than I can actually ask for. I love you KI! Now if only I get a DoT spell then my life will be complete!


Changes: None

I have heard some complaints on this spell but I think this spell is wicked. Almost as awesome as Forest Lord! What makes this spell really exciting is that it is a good AoE for balance wizard. Truthfully, I was a bit disappointed with Power Nova when it came out last year. The spell did so little damage! [Okay, I'm exaggerating.. but :P] With this spell, however, I'm pretty sure balance wizards will be able to finish battles faster :D

There you go. That is my opinion on the spells. You will notice that my complaints are mainly on the two DoT spells. They are a bit of a fail. The animation is cool but KI has to consider on the benefits these spells will give.

Thank you for reading.


  1. With Snow Angel, I think it will be useful, as a lot of Storm Vs Ice battles (especially in 4v4) requires the former to shield crazily to preserve their low health. It's fun to flick off those -70%'s and nuke them over time with large ice damage. Very deadly with two or more Ice wizards!

  2. I can understand why you would think that. But bleh, it will take me awhile before I will actually accept those two DoT spells lol.

  3. personally i agree with you on most of them the only thing i disagree with is the DoT spell for life. I happen to be a life wizard but i think that life should get another spell that does more damage to all enemies. if you look at all life spells forest lord happens to be the only spell that does attack to all enemies and it does about 25 percent more damage than centaur granted it attacks all enemies but life isnt all about healing which is what KI is trying to imply by giving us such low attacking spells.