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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Old Arena style of PvP

Question: Old Arena style of PvP
Some of us older players love the old ways of the arena where you just ran into arena and that was your match up. Can we please, yes I am begging *blushes* have this option back? How about an option for it or not?

Old style arena was a popular feature and we’re considering different ways to reintroduce this type of PvP to the game. Stay tuned for more details.

I remember seeing a member talk about this in a thread long time ago. Although it was rather suggested that this old arena [aka open arena] be implemented in home as an interactive feature.

While I'm not exactly a PvP addict, I do find myself in the arena sometimes, and even trying to enjoy dueling as much as I can. I mean, after all, I did help my sister reach warlord and earn full gear and got my life to warlord and redeemed both hat and boots. I ought to know something about the arena.

You may not find me 24/7 in the arena but I do like dueling. In fact, my early memories of Wizard101 is mostly from the arena. I remember going into that place daily, watching higher level wizards showing off their awesome spells like helephant and tritons [my two favorites at the time] and going ooh and ahhh. I still like the arena to this day, just a little bit less what's with the language and all the chaining in there...

Anyway, I have to admit that in a way, I love the old arena better than the current ones right now. In fact, I was just in the open arena about 10 minutes ago, at the time I'm writing this.

Back to the case, I think ranked arena affect lots of players about dueling, especially because of the gear. I have seen wizards "cheat" their ways into getting these gears. Cursing off when they get only 4 tickets instead of 14. It's horrible... However, the gear is somewhat a part of encouraging players to duel. Although I could also say that because of this, many players choose to stay away from ranked arena.

So KI, if you ever happen to read this blog entry, keep in mind that I fully support this idea :D I like being able to view the players duel at a closer view, rather than behind fences and robe, and huge gapings [apply to krok and dragonspyre arena]. As much as I would like to see old arena as an option back in the game ASAP, take your time! I want to see Celestia too [:

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