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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wizard101 Tour

Before I explain my idea of Wizard101 Tour, let's get a better start of how I come up with this idea in the first place. Some of you have probably heard of GenCon, a gaming convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. According to some members, you will get to chat with some people of the KI team. I wish I could have been there so I can chat with those people also. I mean, how cool is it that you get to meet people who desgin a game that you like to play so much?

Anyway, if any of you know Webkinz, they are having a "Webkinz Tour." According to the site, the Webkinz Road team will travel to more than 10 different states (which they are already doing right now). "There will be exciting activities, games, prizes and a feature code card for an exclusive Webkinz van for your account."

When I read this, I thought, why don't Wizard101 have a similar thing? I live far away from Indiana so I didn't get to go to the convention, which was a real shame as if I could, I would go right away. I think this "Wizard101 Tour" might be a very nice thing for KI to do. We will get the chance to meet them, and ask questions in person. In return, they might even be able to expand and reach more players.

What do you guys think?

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