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Friday, August 27, 2010

I rarely do this but it's a very interesting wallpaper this time :D
As you can see, there's an adorable starfish and a gobbler on the side.

From the Friendly Necromancer:

Professor Greyrose says one is a pet and one you face in battle, but they're both so tiny and cute that I don't know which is the pet!! I guess my money would be on the starfish being the pet. /wink

I would say the starfish is the one that we have to battle. Obviously, the gobbler is already a pet but it will be an official pet for that world. That's what I think anyway :P

I mean it is possible for that cute starfish to be a mob creature right? Cute things eventually become evil, or unexpected at any moment lol...

Anyway, I'm seeing a sea turle and a seahorse on the far right side [:
What do you guys think?

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