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Saturday, February 20, 2010

They are here! - Wizard101 Central

With the new update, KI had added some totally rocking new items! Now now, before you get any more excited, these items, as far as I concern, are crowns only. I do hope however, that KI could just give us one day where we can buy the wings with gold. Yes, I did said wings. Check these out!

Stylish don't you say?

Now you can go around and flaps your wings all crazy! Of course, many thinks that there should be black wings instead. However, lets all enjoy the bat wings and pretend to be vampire. Before you know it, they might even add a vampire mask with fangs. I bet every wizards will look HOT on Halloween with these!

Wait for it, there are still more!

The Ascendant Staff

I find this staff very efficient for low level players because it gives an extra pip. As Friendly says, this is a great change for low level players. Big! Huge! This will probably save you a ton of time instead of waiting for another pip to cast a spell now.

Phosphorescent Maul

Hammer, they are now in fashion!

Cerulean Edge!

Not only is it awesome looking, this baby can do 110 death damage, making it the best sword so far in the game!

There are also some very cool looking outfits but I don't think they are any cool compare to these cool mounts, staff, sword, and wand.

Again, these items are only available to purchase from the Crowns Shop for Crowns, but they can also be found on high level bosses of the Spiral (the bosses drop the individual items, not the entire sets).

Currently, there are rumors of Jade oni dropping them, so be sure to keep an eye out wizards! As said above, these can be drops!

I definitely like the addition of the wings mounts! I say great job KI! Now if only you can give us new worlds...

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