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Thursday, February 4, 2010

How does a 3v4 duel work?

It pretty much started out with me logging in and was standing inside the old arena. I don't quite remember how exactly I ended up there but oh well. What happened next was my friend Taylor* ported to me, then Nicholas, and Michael, and eventually, Edward. I love when my friends ported randomly lol.

Suddenly, I found myself dueling. I'm not exactly sure how it ended up 3v4 but no matter, the match was really fun. Taylor (myth), me (life), and another dude name James (death) ended up on the same team, aka the spirit team :D The other team include of Nicholas (life), Michael (fire), Edward (ice), and Leesha (life). They had two advantages as of right now:

1) There are two life wizards
2) There are four of them and three of us

Luckily we went first but that still put us in a very risky situation. Taylor repeately die and of course, I healed him. James did pretty well with his scarecrow, plus the first half of the duel was pretty down with gloom and doom. Anyway, we were able to pull it off for a while until Michael did dragons and meteor. That got me killed. I also didn't even notice the traps around me lol. I was too busy doing my French homework.

Eventually the other team win. Ironically however, Taylor was the last to stand in my team. In general, I very much like that duel despite the fact that it was 3v4. I haven't had a fun duel in weeks and I really really enjoy dueling with my friends like that (: Hopefully another fun duel like that will happen again, as PvP is kinda in a downfall right now with all the ranking, and spamming, and stunning, and bolting.

On a side note, Santa visited my teams several times during the duel. I'm not exactly sure if he is happy right now because apparently, Taylor broke his beard. O.o He is probably not gonna get any presents soon

Now to finish off, I would like to congratulates Wizard101 central on having 70,000+ members. That just shows wizard101 central is a growing community and is definitely a great site for every wizard101 fans! I predict by the time summer end, we will have 1 million members, now that will be amazing!

Happy dueling wizards! Bye

*I would rather not reveal their last names for their own privacy.

EDIT: This is just another little note. My sister is very eager to see who would win so if you don't mind reading *coughthisreallyboringblogcough* click here.

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