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Sunday, February 7, 2010

What's a pangram?

So I was looking through some Highlights magazines lying around my house, and I came upon a very interesting one. It was all the way back from January 2007. How do I know? It said so at the very top. Anyway, as I flipped through pages, looking for something interesting to read, I saw a picture of a zebra kissing a hippo on the cheek. I stopped and take a look at the picture. Turn out, it had something to do with the puzzle below.

First off, a pangram is a sentence that contains all the letters of the alphabet. Which of the sentence below is a pangram?

1. By January, our exhausted principal knew he had to quit visiting the zoo each Friday evening.

2. A very excited zebra jumped and kissed a hippo before quickly galloping away.

Did you figure it out? I find this pangram puzzle a very good exercise for our eyes lol (see if you can create your own pangram)

Moving on, I shall now talk about my life house. Yep, I bought it when it was on sale lol, 75,000 gold. So far, I very much enjoy decorating the house. Although, there are some parts in the house where I can't put wall or floors at all. That sort of upset me but I guess you have to accept that when you are living inside a tree. I am thinking of hosting a party somewhere during spring break or during summer when I have the finish touch. Stay tune for more info!

Speaking of life house, here is one that I think will definitely blow your mind!

A picture of me and my sister Christina in Valentine's spirit!

Here are just some random stuff lol

Cool event: The Wild Party Inc is hosting an awesome event and I am positive that I will be there! It is basically a party where you can meet wizard101central staff and other members. How fun is that?!!! HERE!

Wizard101: The place that I had been inside the most during these past few days are the Labyrinth. Not that I'm in love with the labyrinth or anything but because I was helping friends. Although do you think Gallium Paladinwill give me the life deck if I bring him some chocolates and a rose? You know what, I think that will do!

Snow: It had been snowing all weekend. If luck is with me, I might have no school tomorrow because I haven't finish the book for one of my classes yet. I think I should get started on that soon.

Profile page: I was quite surprise when I scrolled down to the bottom of my profile and found I had more than 2000+ views! Now I wonder why people would be visiting me lol

Thanks for reading my random moments lol. I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and ready to get back to school/work!

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