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Friday, March 5, 2010

Pets for The Win!

Greeting wizards across the spiral! It is a beautiful day where I live right now. I intend to play some hoops with my sisters afterward and I bet most people will be doing something too so I shall not keep you for long.

Let's start off with something fun and interesting! I was reading a thread earlier on some news and decided to do some research of my own. I am definitely please with what I have found.

I must say this picture definitely tell a lot about what is coming up. First off, there is a crab. Secondly, the ribbon on the ribbon says Celestia - meaning Celestia is definitely the new world. He also draws the most attention out of the four, if you include the ninja pig, even more attention than the piggle! However, that is another story. Anyway, it seems most people are thinking whether it will still be a star-like world or undersea. Personally, I prefer a more star-like world. I just like stuff on the clouds (:

Anyway, here is the rest of the news:

When asked what’s in store for pet-owners, Merle Ambrose, headmaster of
Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, replied: “This spring, pets will be able to do
more than you have ever dared hope! These fine creatures will serve alongside
you in wonderful new ways, taking you to unseen parts of familiar worlds, and in
time to come, worlds beyond those you know! If you think you have seen all that
the Spiral has to offer, young Wizard, you will soon discover an all new breed
of entertainment!”

When asked to elaborate, Ambrose replied cryptically,
“The answer you seek may be in the stars... or it just might be there alongside

Note that the title of the news is Ravenwood School of Magical Arts Welcomes Spring Competition. Perhaps there will be a spring competition?

The next subject I will be talking about is the Darkest Powers Series. I'm not sure if anyone has heard of this series but all I can say is I love it so far! The first two books (The summoning & The Awakening) are amazing in my opinion! It is basically a series about four teenagers who is trying to get away from a group of evil scientists. The main character herself can summon the dead, talk to them, and she can even create an army of them if she learn how to. Making it all the more interesting are her companions which I rather not spoil for the fun of the book. This series has been on my mind all week and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes adventure, mystery, and a bit of romance (: I just can't wait for the third book! (The Reckoning)

I'm not sure if I have mention this before but I think my life house is looking gooooood. I am planning on a party this spring break if I manage to finish decorating so I am really excited. All I need is a little bit more time and hopefully my creativity will return. I would post a picture but I think this blog is getting a bit long. Do you think you will come to my party?!!

Thank you for listening wizards! Hopefully, whatever KI is planning on releasing will come soon, maybe during spring break. Speaking of which, my spring break is starting on March 11 and I will resume school on March 22. What a wonderful break that will be.

Have a wonderful weekend wizards!
Remember to be safe and think of the people around you!

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