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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's finally spring break!

I just love spring break! One and a half week of no school, no homework, and no teachers to 'boss' you around. Basically I will get to just sit around and have fun! Well, technically I still have some homework to do because apparently not every teacher think the same thing... Anyway, I have a to do list for myself and it is quite long, at least in my opinion it is.

Revise Flowers for My Brother
Read the Darkest Power series (again)
Farm for life deck and life sword
Work on biology research experiment
Create a thread for characters needed
Work on the life house so I can open a party
Download more songs...

That's a lot of things to do in just 11 days don't you think?

My next subject will be on an artwork I worked earlier in the afternoon. I drew this for a group I'm in and I very much like it. Or at least I like it on paper rather than after I scan it onto the computer...
What do you think of my drawing? Any critique or rating is fine [:

Have a wonderful week!

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