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Monday, May 31, 2010

It's finally over! - Wizard101 Central

School is now officially over for me, it is hard to describe the joy in my heart right now lol. Grades haven't posted yet but I know I did a great job on my biology final so that makes me really happy. The strange thing is, yesterday, as I went to sleep, I was thinking of whether I have any homework. School must be really stressful for me to think that right?

Anyway, today is a very special day. It's my sister's birthday, Ellie. What I can tell you is that even though she is annoying and mean sometimes, I can practically talk to her about anything. That's how great of a sister she is. To make this day special, we are throwing a party at her house on Wizard101. For more information, please click here.

Now, before I move on, I have a little treat for you guys! Look at this picture!

Talk about feeding flaming soup, they sure work well!

If anyone read my last blog entry, you will remember I mentioned something about a big surprise this weekend. Unfortunately, with school over and all those family stuff, I never get to finish it. Hopefully, by next week, I will be able to complete it and present it to you guys, just wait!

Last but not least is one of the most important things of my announcement. The pet update is here! I do believe this update came to live a bit too fast. There are still many bugs around. For example, what's up with the satyr dancing when we cast the spell? Or why when I play cannon game; it said I missed when I even made a bull eye?!! It is somewhat frustrating but also fun at the same time. Leveling your pet can take forever but I think that's the point. This update is supposed to keep us busy until they release Celestia. I'm just happy they made an update at all.

So anyway, if you have been elsewhere, then I guess you might be missing one of the coolest wizard101 give-away ever! For anyone who know Santa Allan, and for those who don't, he is hosting a wonderful contest! It is unusual because... Well, you have to find it out yourself! Click here!

For those of you who are already out of school, I wish you guys a wonderful summer, enjoy it and remember to be safe! As for those who still have school, pay attention and finish this school year to the fullest!



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  2. help me lvl up plz my user is skunks321 here is my password wizard101 ok try to get me lvl ten plz can you?

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  4. oh and mmy real name is cherie add me on face book ok peace out lolz bye :$ lol