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Monday, May 3, 2010

Away from Keyboard

I recently made a thread call Away From Keyboard and you guess it, it is basically about spinning around when you're AFK. Just think it would be nice to share it on my blog as well (:

All of us here, at one point when playing Wizard101, had been away from keyboard at least once, right? Well, you must not be a busy person if you have never been away from keyboard.

AFK - Away From Keyboard

How do you know if someone is AFK? Here are some universal signs for knowing if someone is AFK when you arrive at the scene moments later or was not there when the person say "AFK".

1. Seeing someone spinning around

If you're asking a person that is spinning around, and the person have not yet to answer you, it is most likely the person is afk.

2. Seeing someone spinning in the corner/Just standing, facing the corner

This is pretty common because I have seen plenty of people doing this. Easy to do and easy to remember. This is a little different from the first one because people can be just goofing around and decide to ignore you that's all.

3. Seeing someone spinning around while the spellbook is above his/her head

This is also pretty self-explain because this is without a doubt a definite sign people are afk. However, it is possible for people to be spinning around but not afk because they are probably looking at their stuff and do not want to be bother.

How do you spin around?
1. Hold down the left or right arrow key
2. Hold down the shift key at the same time (also work with Alt or Ctrl)
3. Let go of the arrow key
4. Let go of the shift key

Thanks to LNO for the parking thread on how to spin around (:

I was actually surprised at the number of people who view and comment on it.

Anyway, if you still haven't enter the Great Gobbler Giveaway contest, then I suggest you should. They don't look that bad, right? lol

And this is from the newsletter:

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You can learn all about this feature now on the Test Realm, and you will see these features come to the whole Spiral later this month.

Well, enjoy your week everyone because I will be gone most of this weekend!


  1. Cool I always wondered how people where spinning around! I'm gonna try it! :)

  2. Thanks that was useful I been searching for how to do that!

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