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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What's up with this game?

I just feel like typing something for the day. As many of you probably now, there are people having trouble logging in. If you don't, well, you are probably a subscriber. However, there are people out there who just fail to connect. /shrug

Anyway, here's what Andrew WildFlame have to say that pretty much sum it up all that I want to say:

First off, let me get this straight, and please correct me if I am wrong:
1) KI has now set a ceiling limit to the number of free-to-play players on their servers (which I am ok with).
2) KI allows all monthly subscriber players immediate server access (which I am ok with).
3) If you are an access pass player and have purchased crowns in the past month, you are lumped in with the monthly subscriber group, and allowed immediate server access.
4) If you are an access pass player and have not purchased crowns in the past month, you are lumped in with the free-to-play players, and have to wait in the queue/keep attempting to log on to gain access to the game.
If any of the above is wrong, please address, as I am basing this knowledge on what I am seeing here on Central.

If the above is correct, are there any other access pass players that have spent hundreds of dollars on this game that are just a bit incensed at being cast down with the free-to-play players? I know I am. If KI doesn't care about access pass players, then why in the world did they create that payment option at all in the first place? KI is talking out of both sides of their mouth when they offer a sale on bulk purchasing of crowns, but then if you go that route, you will be penalized the month after that purchase because you have not bought anything more recently.

I'm sorry, but this is just ridiculous. I understand that over the long haul an access pass player will not spend as much as a monthly subscriber. But how hard would it be for KI to create 3 levels instead of just 2? I have mentioned before that KI should easily be able to identify accounts that have purchased over a certain threshold of crowns (say $60 or $100 - whatever). Why not create a mid-level for access for all accounts that are not monthly subscriptions, but have eclipsed a certain spending level?

KI, I am getting quite tired of you continually kicking sand in the face of us access pass players. I have spent hundreds of dollars on my 2 accounts, and here you are, making me pony up more (on a monthly basis no less), just to get "premium" access.
You won't allow us to get open chat (even via a crowns purchase).
You won't allow us to trade wizards between linked family accounts (even via a crowns purchase).
And now you won't allow us premium server access, and consider us free-to-play players, even though some of us have spent hundreds of dollars on this game?!?

Wow, just wow...

Yes, what I bold and put in red is the most important. As a crowns player who have spent over ($50+), I do not feel like waiting for the game to connect after a very tiring day. Come on KI, we pay too!

Anyway, I'm subscribing soon so I will be on streak of dueling, farming, and crafting all in probably 2 months. Think I can do it? Just follow my blog! :D

Happy farming everyone!


  1. well thats was cool to know, i am a subsciber and didnt know that. I understand how you would feel. i hope they can work on it soon because celestia would just do the same.

  2. Here's a simple solution. You said you paid over $50 for access passes to areas. Why don't you just buy a monthly subscription for $10? It's so much cheaper than buying every area in the game! That would cost you hundreds of dollars. With a monthly subscription, it's much much cheaper.