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Friday, April 16, 2010

Look at this thing I made!

This is a banner/signature I made yesterday.
I really like it but I was wondering what everyone think about it? Should I make this my banner for the blog? or keep the current one?

This is also for anyone who haven't heard about the contest yet. Our member, angelbright, is holding a wonderful contest! All you have to do in order to enter is post on the thread. Click HERE!

A new feature was also introduced to the Wizard101 Central yesterday, it is call the iTrader! Just like its name, what you do with the iTrader is give feedbacks to the person you traded cards with. While I haven't officially trade anything in that forum yet, I indeed find this a very interesting feature. However, don't make this like a gold-earning thing. More information can be find here, but don't forget to read the proper trade posts before posting!

Last but not least, Mercenaries For Hire (M4H) is holding a fabulous event called the Tri-Harvest Festival! You will have a chance of farming three of the spiral most famous bosses: Yeva Spiderkeeper (Crystal Grove), Viktor SnowCrusher (Drake Hatchery), and Kraysys (Forum). This is a wonderful oppurtunity for all those wizards that still need their gears. The Event will start at 5am pacific on Saturday 4/24 and continue through the weekend and end at 9pm pacific on Sunday 4/25. I will probably be there, especially at Snowcrusher and Yeva so be on the look out!

That's all for today everyone!
Have a fantastic weekend and remember to be safe!

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