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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter break is over...

That's right, my winter break is finally over. Apparently I didn't go to school on Monday because it is teacher appreciation day or something but that is another story, lets not get carry away. Have you been enjoying your winter break? Yes? No? Well, there is always the bright side. (: What is it? Well, now we can look forward to spring break. YAY!

Anyway, I was just checking around wizard101 central, to see if there is any new posts, look what I found!

Originally Posted by The Friendly Necromancer
This is a youtube I put up back in January and failed to post it here on Central.

The video rocks! I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I do (:

Next up, I will be telling you a short story of Avalanche today. No, not the snow avalanche you see on mountains, THE Avalanche in Drake Hatchery. That guy really is stubborn and still won't hand over that sword of his! So I met up with my sister's character, Christina Rosetamer. With the help of her feint, curse, death trap, amulet death trap, my life blade, spiritual blades(2x), spiritual traps, spiritual blades, and dragonblade (from pet dragon) I was able to hit Avalanche that much! Woot! I might make a bigger hit, just you wait Avalanche....

I was also visiting the briskbreeze tower today, again. It was quite fun actually. The wizards I battle with were Madeline (firecookie99), Thomas (rotomthe3rd), and his friend Elie. While we were waiting for Elie to arrive, we saw this giant creature appear! It was quite a scene lol. I can't wait till it is my ice wizard turn to meet him (:

Ooh, did I mention I got the life ring?!!! Yes I did, jumping of joy! I am quite a lucky girl afterall

Last but not least, I finally reach master on wizard101central! Look at the pretty gems that are now under my name lol (fuzzy306) I would also like to congratulate Lady Cat on reaching grandmaster! She is a wonderful member and that is quite an achievement. Only 1000 more posts to go for me XD

Don't forget yesterday is Isacc Newton's birthday! Let's party people! lol In case you don't pay attention in science class, he is the guy who came up with the theory about gravity (: Gotta give him some credits for figuring that out with apples lol

Hope everyone do well in school!

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