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Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's the end of march? O.o

Sometimes it's really hard to believe something. This is probably one of those moments. I am still trying to take it all in that it is the end of March already. It has been three months since I last "blog."

And true to my last blog entry, I have been EXTREMELY busy. I actually got promoted on Central and I'm now a moderator. Which also means I have to moderate the forums. I personally dont mind but it's a lot of repsonsibility and it does require time.

Secondly, I have been paying much more attention to school, aka less procrastinating. Well, I wouldnt say less because the only class I actually procrastinate in is A.P. euro and I have a B.... but that's because I am not too crazy about that class. A challenge is a challenge though and I shall accept it. I have to say I have been doing well. Especially on my latest DBQ - document based question. It was really great because I got the first requirement, I just only need to improve more. I have got one month to do so until my A.P euro exam. Ah, excited and nervous at the same time >.<

Thirdly, I couldnt help but trying to like the open air. Although the weather in Kansas hasn't been that friendly to us, it was raining and snowing earlier this week. I hopefully hope that spring is coming soon. Please. I want to jump more on the trampoline!

And last but not least, I would like to inform you guys, if anyone actually read this lol, that I lost my grandmaster life and along with several other characters. Due to certain circumstances, I no longer have the account, it makes me sad but hey, I have the summer to level up my character again. My sister and I are planning on questing together. I'm actually excited because I think my youngest sister and my cousin will also be joining us. If anything, I will be blogging again sometimes soon.

P.S. Go mount-giveaway :D


  1. Yea, I dont really update my blog much either haha. Sad you lost your Life character...

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